Friday Feature: Kimberly D.

Who Am I When Everything is Dim?

After I graduated college, I thought my life would take a turn for the better but I was sadly mistaken. 6 months after I graduated , I lost my job. It was a huge disappointment because it was so unexpected. During that time I became very depressed. Even when I found another job I was still unhappy because it wasn't what I desired. I simply took it because I did not want to depend on people. Throughout that summer, my prayer life started dwindling and I was falling deeper into depression because I felt everyone was succeeding but me. It's funny how things work out, during that time I went to a revival and the pastor was preaching on not doubting and he spoke on John 14:1 and that verse stayed with me till this day, because I felt that's exactly what God was telling me. He was telling me not to doubt Him, not to limit Him. He was telling me to stop looking at what other people have and comparing myself to them. Stop looking at society's definition of success because society didn't create me, He did and He knows the plans He has for my life. It was time to turn my focus from myself and turn it to Him. Finally I went home and prayed a prayer and the liberation I felt was truly indescribable and at that moment, I realized even if I never reached success or nothing worked out for me never to neglect prayer or the source of all things. Even when everything around me was dim, Gods light was shining ever so brightly through all the people who encouraged me and through His promise. When everything is dim; I am UnDoubtful

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