Friday Feature: ShaNay Kibler

Who Am I When I’m out of the Spotlight?

Currently, the season I am in is one of abundance. I was recently hired at a new agency and I am looking forward to beginning my new journey going into the new year. I have struggled since college to become financially secure. Growing up in a single parent home in NY there were times when we didn't have enough, but my mother always made a way out of no way and I never knew I was "poor" because my mother never showed my brother and I that we were. Now at the age of 25 I have a financial advisor, two phenomenal jobs, my own car and an apartment in my name and I don't have a need or want. To sum up my entire story I would have to say God's hand has been on every part of my life and I am so grateful. Thank you for reading and I hope that even when it doesn't look good allow that to be the opportunity for God to show up and show out only as He does.

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