Friday Feature: Sharee Abbott

Who Am I When Everything is Comfortable?

Everyone in life wants to be in that place of comfort where everything is easy and you don’t have to worry about anything, right? But what happens when we reach that place of comfort and get too comfortable? I am a witness of being too comfortable in life and did not want to move on in life or grow. My comfort was so good that I was satisfied with my salvation, job, car, clothes, and lifestyle no matter how beat up, worn, torn, or messed up it may seemed to others. Along as I was good from point A to point Z nothing needed to change in my eye sight. It was perfect so I thought.

Being comfortable made me lazy and inadequate for growth in anything in life. Being comfortable made me watch my life pass by with no evidence of fruit to bear along my journey. Being comfortable made everything stagnant and die all around me. I had no push or unction to do anything. My crutch was “God knows my heart” as many of us take this saying lightly to pacify our sins and our current state. (Sips tea). This is where a lot of us have fallen at the wayside when we get comfortable and feel as everything is well and nothing needs to change.

I will never forget that my life started to make a change when my mom, Pastor Dawn Abbott, preached a very powerful sermon and spoke life into my comfortable dead state. After that blessed Sunday I have been pushing like never before. Of course I have had some bumps along the way but I have never gone back to that comfort state. 3 years ago when I was heading into that comfort state God shook me like never before and put me in the state of discomfort. I am so glad He did because I would of missed my 2013 blessing (my car), 2014 blessing (discovery of the real Sharee), 2015 blessing (new job and raise), and 2016 blessing (my greater and more to come).

Lesson Learned: Don’t ever settle in that place of comfort because you will miss the greater that is for you and lies within you.

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