Friday Feature: Tasha W.

Who Am I When Everything is Silent?

I am the daughter of Tyrone Sr. and Dorothy and the younger sister of Tyrone Jr. I am a leader, who once lacked confidence and was afraid to tap into her inner genius because she was afraid of how others would perceive her. I used to be a shy young girl who despised how she looked and was afraid to speak after hearing "You talk white", "You don't act black enough" and "You're not pretty enough" most of my life. I harbored the immense amount of pain deep within eyes until I learned how to dance in the rain. I recognized that the pain I experienced didn't compare to the immeasurable promise that God has spoken over my life.

My million dollar smile, which I inherited from my father (with a splash of dimple from my Mom) that can light up any room, reveals freedom and the essence of God's peace. I am a lover of Christ, who strives to let her life be a splendor of hope to the hopeless, healing to the brokenhearted, and peace to those who are experiencing chaos. My life is a reflection of God's testament on how He transformed a masterpiece from my mess.

In 2015, I discovered so much about myself in which I have fully embraced. I am walking into my God given purpose with confidence without seeking the validation or approval from others. I am constantly learning how to tune out the opinions of others and be led by God when making decisions. The big picture is to follow God's instructions concerning my life , trust in His plan and have faith that everything will fall into place. After all, He is the one who created me so therefore He knows what's best for me.

I will never forget what has brought me to my defining moment, but I will not dwell there. My past was my launching pad to enter into my present as I navigate towards my destiny.

So, who am I when everything is silent? A miracle, whose purpose in life exceeds beyond my comprehension. A woman after God's own heart who boldly shares her story of being an overcomer and is no longer crippled by fear.

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