Wisdom Wednesday

God's Love is Always Covering You

The Love of God is everywhere and covering us daily. Through our days of dispair and uncertainty, He still walks with us. Through our joys and triumphs, He walks with us. His love abounds in our hearts every moment of our days. As we live, move and have our being; the God of the universe is with us. The love of God is always a sure thing. His love is always in our reach, it's just up to us to reach out and grab hold of it. No matter what life looks like at the moment, God's love for you is sure and never failing.

Psalms 42:7(MSG)

6-8 When my soul is in the dumps, I rehearse

everything I know of you,

From Jordan depths to Hermon heights,

including Mount Mizar.

Chaos calls to chaos,

to the tune of whitewater rapids.

Your breaking surf, your thundering breakers

crash and crush me.

Then God promises to love me all day,

sing songs all through the night!

My life is God’s prayer.

Let the thought of God's unconditional Love compel you to push through each and every Good or Bad moment in your Life.

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