In the Meantime

Isaiah 26:3 "You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!" (NLT)

This week I've been extremely tired, more than usual. I've been moving and moving, barely setting aside time for silence and solitude. My body translated a signal to my mind, indicating that "enough is enough." So, as I escape my current reality, with my office door closed, I sit back and reflect on God's word. Just when I feel like falling apart and giving up, I am reminded of God's perfect peace. Outside looking in, people assume that you have it all together. They think once you proclaim the name of Christ, you live a life that's perfectly easy without any trial. Contrary to belief, as a follower of Christ who is unashamed to state my claim, I am considered to be an open target.

Friends who I considered to be family turned their backs on me and literally walked away, treating me as if I'm a complete stranger. Money has been a little funny, causing me to doubt and question my faith. Oh yeah, I can't forget about those who find joy in bringing up past situations as an attempt to set me back and not prosper. You know, the ones who try to determine if you're truly new in Christ, so they try to tempt you with things that were once familiar just to see if you'll crack under pressure.

You see, the enemy feels threatened when you're on your "A-Game." The moment you embrace a transformed mindset and start to fully trust and rely on God; life will start throwing you curve balls as an attempt to shake your faith. The moment I become overwhelmed, I stop what I'm doing and immediately start talking to God. I believe that when things start to tense up in my life, it means that I need to re-evaluate my priorities by spending more intimate moments with God and dwell there.

Am I perfect? No. Do I always do everything right? No. However, I'm a lover of Christ who strives to focus more on Him, instead of focusing on the issues of life. I'm a work in progress: under construction.

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