Wisdom Wednesday

Imagine How God Feels As we start the new year, I want to encourage us all to be God Conscious. What do I mean??? .... Let's Talk Wisdom Wednesdays!!! God desires to hear from us, he desires to spend time with us, and he desires to speak to our hearts. We can sometimes get so caught up in our every day lives, relationships, personal struggles, and responsibilities; that we forget there is a God who longs to hear from us. God is aware of where our attention lies. He is aware of what has our hearts. When you are in a romantic relationship, you want time and attention from your significant other. If you are not given what you desire, it doesn't feel good. Imagine how God FEELS??? We don't serve or acknowledge him enough. We don't spend time reading the word of God, and learning about who he is. We get blessed with life each and everyday, yet we don't even say thank you. Exodus 34:14 states "for you shall not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God". When we neglect our relationship with God for the things of this world, God will strip us. He will make shifts in our lives because our focus is not on him. He always knows what's best. God is jealous for us because he love us just that much. Become more God conscious. God can use us to bless others, if we just stop to hear what he has to say. Acknowledge God in all you do. Stop your day just to say " Lord I thank You". He desires to hear the voices of his people. Most importantly, he desires to hear from YOU....

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