Friday Feature: Ebony Warren

Who am I when everything is Indescribable?

Growing up me and my family didn’t have everything, but we had love, each other, and faith. I’ve worked since I was 15 yrs. old and learned early to be a “strong independent black women”. Growing up with both parents who loved each other unconditionally, my dad made sure we didn’t depend on other people to do anything for us.

Like most women you thought your first love was your last love, and then your second love was your last love etc. ... lol. As I grew up and guarded my heart more, it became a lot easier to let guys go who weren’t the one. After a terrible heart break, I had an angry but serious conversation with God and I told him “I’m going to do me!” “God I don’t want a friend or anything unless you are sending me my husband.” After that declaration, a few weeks later came a young man who was not my usual choice, but he was a sweet heart and really cool. The first thing I said was “we can be friends but, I’m not looking for no relationship at all” and he stated “that’s fine me too.”

This man showed me that there were men still out there who weren’t just after me because of my shape. For weeks we talked on the phone every day for 4 hours minimum. Our first two dates I was not caressed or touched without permission (a hug) and they were the BEST dates of my life. Long story short today this man is my husband and our story has been nothing but GOD!

Who am I when my life is indescribable? I am a wife to an amazing husband, a mother, a homeowner, an owner of 3 vehicles since I was 17, a college graduate who is working within her field as a Parole and Probation Officer( did I mention that this was the job I told God I wanted to be my first real job?). I am humble, thankful, and most of all I’m BLESSED!!!!!!

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