Maverick Monday: Zackery D. Rogers

My name is Zackery Rogers and I am from Germantown Maryland which is located in Montgomery County. My favorite scripture is 2 Corinthians 5:17 and it applies to my life in many ways. I did not grow up in the church but I attended every now and again. My mother would try to make me go as much as possible throughout my life until she got to the point and said “you have to make that decision for you I cannot make you love God”. I have done a lot of things that I am not proud of in life but God’s Grace is more than enough. I spent a lot of time praying and asking for things instead of getting to know God but He still kept His hands over me day in and day out.

During my junior year I became sick and got Mononucleosis “aka” (the kissing disease). Although Mononucleosis is common it caused me to really evaluate my life. I was wild and living society’s term of the college life. I started to notice who my friends were and who I needed to cut off but despite all of that God was still there embracing me with His arms. I gave my life to Christ late 2011 early 2012. Although I still make mistakes after given my life to Him, I remind myself that old things were washed away and I become new in Him. Without Christ I would not have been able to change and become the man I am today.

An influential person that has impacted my life would be Rafael AJ Luis Frazier. Mr. Frazier was the big brother I always wanted. He always asked me the hard questions but they came from a place of love. He helped mold me into a better brother for my Fraternity and my biological brother. He always set a standard and challenged me to get better. A lot of people know I can be hard on myself when I mess up and when I do I vent differently. Mr. Frazier’s life was an example of how one should live in Christ and how everything you do should point back to God whether it was his profession, ANQ, Kingdom worship center’s youth minster, or life in general; it all directed back to God.

I believe that a Maverick Man should possess the following qualities: A heart to serve God and His people, Stand up for Christ (No matter what the outcome may be), Loving, Honest and Integral.

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