Friday Feature: Michline Brice

Who am I when everything is blurred?

The definition of blurred is unable to see or be seen clearly. My whole life up until now have been blurred. My eyes were temporarily blinded by the labels of the world, people, and even myself. I let the labels of “I’m too fat, too tall, too dark, too loud, all these toos” control my life. I became so engulfed with these labels where depression and suicidal thoughts ruled my life. I didn’t come to my senses or should I say embraced Michline until my fourth accident where I was t-boned and flipped and landed on my left side, cut out and walked away with no proof of being in an accident. I realized that I should not say who am I but I am. My language changed that I am the daughter of The King. I had a new attitude and the Lord revealed to me that I was perfect in Him and not to the world. When everything was blurred around me The Lord gave me a new set of eyes to see clearly. I’ve accepted that when things are blurry that I can still give my God a blurred praise knowing that a clearer view is coming. I now associate my entire journey with the color green, butterflies, and music because they all play a certain role in this story. The color green for new growth, new life, new start, butterflies because of the transformation stages of a caterpillar, a cocoon, then a beautiful butterfly, and lastly music because I move now to my own beat. No longer will I be controlled by labels of myself, people, and the world but the label of what Christ says who I am. So in the midst of the blurred environments I will remain with the renewal of eyes to see from God’s perspective.

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