Friday Feature: Charmeika Lewis

Who Am I Without the Stuff?

We live in a culture where seeing is believing, where our value is measured by how many letters we have or how nice of a car or how big of a home! Couple that ideology with growing up poor in a single parent home and secretly vowing to yourself that you would NEVER return to that kind of living again...ingredients for major disaster. Well this is my story...and a disaster it was.

At 25 years old I found myself living the ideal life-married, owning my own home, SUV out front, two degrees and social work license. I was climbing the corporate ladder and leading at my local church. I mean what more could a girl ask for who had come from such meager beginnings. I had it all, but at the end of the day was never satisfied...I just wanted MORE STUFF. Always on my mind, how to make more money, how to get a better this or a new that.

This was my life day in and day out until I walked away from my job on only the hopes that Jesus was leading me in another direction. Though the circumstance was unfortunate, the promise was still true that God was going to make this shift for my good. I took a major pay cut and after several months we found ourselves living from paycheck to paycheck...the very thing I said I would never do. It was so uncomfortable, I could barely speak of it without crying. The reality is that I had become my own god and it took money and stuff to appease me.

As I look back as the season in my life is changing I see all the powerful lessons I learned, ones that we all must learn. Here they are:

1. Jesus is More Than Enough. He didn't need my help at any point in that season. He took care of us just as He had been doing all along. We received so many unexpected blessings (trips, money, food, you name it!) to help us along the way.

2. I am enough. No additives and No preservatives. I am who I am because I was created in the image of my savior not because of any of the stuff I had, because that stuff no longer mattered in that was just me and Jesus.

3. Nothing in this world will ever satisfy. We can chase all day, our own dreams and desires, the stuff of this life, but it will always leave us empty. I learned to pray and the presence of God nows fills my life. I practice non-reliance on the stuff.

Who am I Without the Stuff? I am a Child of God. Daughter of the King. A Kept Woman. Beloved & Precious.

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