Friday Feature: Ashlee Bruner

Who Am I When Everything is Lukewarm?

We all know the girl who was raised in church but acts a fool every time she goes outside. We can name the girl who sang on the youth choir, contemporary choir, anniversary choir and every praise team you can think of. We’ve probably been friends with the girl who would never miss a Communion service, but can drink the guys under the table. That girl was me.

The desire to fit in completely changed my personality and even stained my character. I was never popular, and never saw myself as pretty or worthy of love so I tried to earn it by fitting in. As a teenager, I had control over my attitude and fleshly desires, and could turn them on and off as I pleased (or so I thought). The transition to college, though, really showed me myself and who I was becoming. I was forced to decide who I was going to serve.

I quickly learned that partying every weekend and going to church every Sunday was not going to work. I saw how crazy I looked trying to witness to lost souls with a red cup in my hand, realizing I was lost myself. I finally understood what the old saints were talking about when they said “one foot in the church, and one in the world.” I realized that I could not please God while satisfying my flesh, and decided to live for Christ.

I decided to no longer dangle on the fence between ratchet and righteous. I am far from perfect and still make worldly mistakes, but I am striving each day to be more like Jesus. I am Royalty Refined!

Rev 3:16 states “So then because thou art lukewarm- neither hot nor cold- I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

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