Friday Feature: Cheldine Paul

Who Am I When Everything Feels Defeated?

I am thankful for many things in my life. Last year, God took me on a journey from defeat to where I am now which is undefeated. I now understand why people say it will get worse before it gets better. That's how I felt last year. After years of working in a job that was an hour and half away (both directions,) I finally got a job close to home. Within a blink of eye, it was all gone. Suddenly, I found myself without a job and bills piling high that were going away. And the calls from Sallie Mae kept coming. Little did I know, I was about to receive the answer to my prayers. It felt like a lifetime, but it didn't take long at all. About a month and a half later, I found another job, and this one was in field I studied in college. I learned a valuable lesson from this situation. God shows up when He's ready, and its usually when you need Him.

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