Friday Feature: Jasmine Dougans

Who am I when everything is chaotic?

I was molested for 10+ years by an older male cousin. It took me being suicidal and on the brink of a mental breakdown (LITERALLY) to tell someone. I was apprehensive and scared out of my mind. There were MANY who didn't believe me and said I was lying (family included).

Yes, I prayed... but I got into counseling and had people in my circle that held my hand, let me cry on their shoulders and just sat & listened while I went through my roller-coaster emotions. I cried & kept going to counseling. I wanted to give up & kept going to counseling. And years later...I became a crisis counselor. And then I started STAND (IG: @stand_org). STAND is a community organization that is geared towards the advocacy, education & rehab of sexual assault & sexual abuse; aiding in the transition from victim to survivor to thriver.

The number of survivors who've shared their abuse with me for the first time is astonishing to me. My survivorship is a lifelong journey. Flashbacks are REAL! But I am so excited to see how far I've come. Finding the strength to help other survivors find their voice is what I am born to do.

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