Friday Feature: Sherone Thompson

Who am I when I am poised and pulled together?

Watch out! Everything isn't as it seems. You see, I wear many hats...Mother of 4, Minister of the Gospel, Forensic Case Specialist, Crisis Phone Counselor, community activist. I'm not some special specimen; most ladies I know have "a lot going on". 6 out of 7 days of any given week are busy. I'm a taxi driver, short order cook, amateur hairstylist, instructor, homework checker, chore enforcer, student. My hope is that I will reap the harvest if I keep doing what's right and don't grow weary (Galatians 6:5).

I like to say I'm an Introvert with Extrovert tendencies. I love music, I laugh loud and I hold my head proud when I walk. I used to have low self esteem, but having 3 daughters, I learned to appreciate how unique I am. We are indeed blessed and I'm thankful that I tend to see the glass half full. Since I hold things on the inside, my outward appearance usually doesn't reflect what's really going on. I have a tight circle of friends that I share things with. Sometimes I try to handle EVERYTHING on my own, that's when I start to unravel. That's when I seek wise counsel, pray and find my balance point.

I heard the saying "fake it til you make it". Doesn't mean I'm fake, I just know that things will get better. So until then, I'll wear a smile, stay poised and keep it pulled together.

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