Friday Feature: Jordan Garvin

Who am I when everything is just a part of ONE BIG PROCESS…

I read my Word today! I received such a deep revelation! I’ve finally found total joy and happiness in Jesus! I no longer use anyone or anything to take His place or fill the voids in my life. I’ve paid my tithes, paid my bills on time, saved some money, and even to spend a little too! I took a nice walk and the weather was perfect! I spoke to my great grandmother and gleaned from her wisdom! I had 3 square healthy meals! My family is safe, happy, and healthy. I have my own car. I made all my classes on time! All my assignments due for the week are completed and ready to be submitted! I’ve been having a wonderful time with my sisters and my friends! I’m in a relationship with a young man that loves God and me and lives it out. I feel so free and confident. I like and enjoy myself no matter what. I don’t need validation from anyone or anything. I don’t worry about what the future holds. I have and feel no need to be controlling. I don’t wallow in shame or guilt or sadness or loneliness. Everything is so perfect and ideal!

Man! Are there days when I wake up and I wish all of this was could be my life, and be my life right now! There are days when I wish I could skip right to the good parts. There are days when I wish I was already there and not just on my way there. In this season, process can really drive me crazy at times. Realizing that I’m not ready for the things I desire just yet, or that I can’t have what I want the most because I want it too much. Seeing things not go the way I want them to, when I want them to. Having to settle with the lessons of patience, trusting in God and the growing pains of faith. Having to trust everything will be okay even while I’m not in control. Having to keep walking even though I have no clue where I’m going some days.


After I finish kicking and screaming I really do respect and appreciate the process. I know and see the good in the process for my life and of those I meet along the way. I get to wear my story of growth as a badge of honor. I can relate to the pain that others go through and feel, and help them through. My prayer life grows and grows. I learn more and more about myself, about God’s plan for my life, about the beauty in other people when things don’t go right, or the way I wanted. I appreciate how life has its ups and downs, continuously teaching me what balance is, and what it means to avoid extremes. The process push, pulls, and prunes me to be more than I was before. I believe process yields progress, and progress is perfection to me!

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