Wisdom Wednesday

Second Chances

We make mistakes, we fall short of our goals and fall short to friends, family and others. We are not perfect. It's ok to make a mistake. But it is even more important to give yourself a second chance. It is ok to take detours, it's actually encouraged. Often times, the plans we lay out for ourselves is not the plan that God has for us. We take the turns we think we need, but then a mistake occurs. And then we feel as though we have failed, we feel like it's time to stop. Our thoughts often sounds like "that didn't work, so I need to move on." We often listen to the thoughts of those who doubt and judge us. Their judgements of us leave us feeling as though we cannot possibly move on. Yes, yes you can move on. Give yourself and your dreams a second chance. Give your fears a rest and leave the doubters behinds. Make sure your "move on" includes a second, third, even a fourth chance. Second chances are meant to benefit you.

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