Friday Feature: Tomika McFadden

Who Am I When I’m Thirsty?!?!

One definition for the word thirsty is having an uncomfortable feeling because you need something to drink. It is a known fact that water makes up at least two-thirds of the human body. Water plays an enormous part in the function of our joints, eyes, skin, and digestion. Once the water in our body is depleted it needs to be replaced, in order for us to perform at optimum levels. When our body has gone too long without water, dehydration occurs and if dehydration reaches extreme levels, it can be life-threatening.

And so it is with our souls…

About four years ago my soul was dehydrated, my life, as I described it was in shambles. My heart was broken, my mind was clouded, my spirit was despondent, and my soul was just thirsty. I carried this uncomfortable longing of want. I needed to understand the why behind God’s rationale for my life in that season. I carried an uncomfortable burden of shame, uncertainty, hopelessness, fear, and doubt. I questioned God concerning the passing of my Momma and brother; the support of my friends; and the love of the church. I was seeking answers from people that had never experienced this type of grief, loss, and trauma. My soul was reaching life-threatening levels of dehydration and I could not find any relief.

It was during this most difficult time that I was gently reminded of a passage of scripture…John 4; the story of the Samaritan woman. As I read this story and reflected on that season of my life, I was reminded that God met me in my dry place. God saw that my soul was thirsty and longing to be refilled. God taught me in that season that my brokenness was going to be a blessing to others. My place of dehydration was going to be a depository for God to show love, strength, and power to those that I met.

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