Friday Feature: Denise Copeland

Who am I When Everything In Me Leaps?

I am a huge fan of humility, bonding, grace, purpose and Christmas! So, I thought with all that has been going on in my world this past year (enormous pain & love from women I call sisters) it would only be right for me to reflect on the story of Mary and Elizabeth. Luke 1: 39-45 captures a moment in time where two women both blessed to birth amazing gifts to the world greet and make a decision to empower one another. When we think of the season of the birth of Christ, Mary seems to get most of the attention, and of course she was a huge asset BUT what I learned about Elizabeth has gotten me through many seasons especially my latest. Elizabeth was already six months pregnant, actively engaged in the complexities of change and carrying another miraculous birth. Mary, who finds out she too has been chosen for miraculous birth, steals away and goes to Elizabeth's house. Now, Elizabeth is that type of sister you dream of having or (in my case) being. The one who without you even having to start talking about your crazy situation, she is already tapped in and knows whats up and goes hard to lift your spirit.

“Blessed [worthy to be praised] are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!"

I love how Elizabeth chose to celebrate and acknowledge what God was doing in Mary's life at a time where Mary was literally freaking out. That is true humility - she could have been self absorbed and focused on her 6-month belly or brought up the fact that Mary was pregnant and not yet married (unlike her and her husband) but she didn't. She was graceful about what she knew and chose joy! Because of their instant bond Elizabeth was immediately blessed and empowered with greater purpose for many years to come.

"For behold, when the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy."

I am grateful to God that in many cases I have been Mary but I am now honored that in this season of my life I am pursuing the role of Elizabeth! I am asking God to help me to discern, to be an asset, to uplift, to encourage, to celebrate when my sister needs me! My greatest hope is that more women greet and leap! There is room for all of us to give birth to greatness within. I am confident that as I hear my sisters greeting, celebrate her, the baby in my womb will leap and add JOY TO THE WORLD!

Tis' the season...<3

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