Wisdom Wednesday

I'm Finally Free....

As I journey through life, I have found the best feeling in the world to be, freedom from the opinions of others. It's like a big weight has been taken off my back. Often times we chain ourselves to the thoughts and opinions of others. We base our value off others opinions. We allow other people's opinions to dictate the decisions we make. We often resort to "People Pleasing", which leads to a life of making everyone else around us happy but ourselves. We forget who's opinion really matters. Most importantly, we forget what He has already said about us. When you release yourself of this burden, you can then give yourself permission to live and journey through life in freedom. You give yourself room to allow God's thoughts to penetrate. Like "I am fearfully and wonderfully made", even though I make mistakes. Like "I am the head and not the tale", even though people have counted me out. It's time to get your sanity back. Don't allow those opinions to consume you any longer. Let it go, and focus on the one who's opinion truly matter. God's that is....

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