Wisdom Wednesday

I know I've been on the topic of friends a lot lately, whether its the friend who's only there for your future successes, or the friend who's there to break you down. You must understand why. You are solely responsible for the people around you, in your life or in your personal circle. You are responsible for the clean up their drama can cause. I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing who is and who isn't your friend.

This goes beyond seeking and reaching success. This is about your peace of mind, your serenity. I've seen many versions of this quote "the older I got, the smaller my circle got." This is because as we get older, we realize that some friends were never really friends, some friends were seasonal, and some friends are lifetime friends. Not everyone is qualified to be a called a friend, and that is ok. You are not required to give audience to everyone simply because you once were friends. You have to protect your inner peace.

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