Wisdom Wednesday

There are days, weeks even, when we are running on E. You know what I'm talking about. The days when you are ready for the weekend because of the rest that you are welcoming, but somehow never get. Your body is quickly running out of gas because you never got the chance to refill. Once you get to this point, you start to wonder if you should perhaps stop moving. You think to yourself "clearly I'm doing too much. I need to let something go." You make the decision to "quit."

What you need to need to know is: no, you can't stop doing what you are doing. Someone out there is depending on you. You need to reach your full potential. But I also understand if you need to take a breather, press pause, and replenish. You need to budget time for rest and restoration for yourself. I know you cannot provide ample help when you are on E, but make time to rest.

It is ok to pause, it is never ok to quit.

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