Royalty in Action (January Spotlight)

Charmeika Lewis

Charmeika Lewis is the owner of EnKindle Village, LLC a community centered private coaching and counseling practice in Baltimore City. She is an incredible goal strategist, therapist, public speaker and empowerment coach. She assists visionaries and idea filled women to identify mindset blockages, clarify and solidify their real goals and then develop a clear strategy to make their goals and dreams a reality.

With more than 15 years in leadership development, organizational change management and 7 years in clinical social work, Charmeika is dedicated to using her unique gifts and talents to help women who are ready to actualize their greatness. She helps her clients to uncover the "stuff" that's holding them hostage, get clear about what kind of life they really want and create specific plans to move forward!

Charmeika has a Masters degree in Social Work from Morgan State University and is a Licensed Certified Clinical Social Worker. Charmeika's greatest accomplishments include being a wife and a mother.

What was your inspiration to become a Licensed Therapist and Empowerment Coach to women?

I would say that my childhood inspired me to become who I am today. I experienced some very challenging things in childhood and was determined that I would not let them dictate my future. From there, I grew a passion to help others avoid the trap of letting their current circumstance dictate where they could go or what they could achieve in life.

What are some of the initiatives you have implemented within your role as an Empowerment Coach?

September 2017, I launched the Soul Successful Sisterhood, an online space where sisters could come together for support, motivation, education encouragement and accountability as we pursue God-sized dreams and maintain a true definition of success, which we have established in the group as healing the soul, finding purpose and living your dream!

What is one characteristic you believe every leader should possess?

I think every leader should possess integrity. Being true to yourself and honest with those who follow you is invaluable.

What is one of the biggest challenges you believe women in leadership face?

One of the biggest challenges we face, I believe is maintaining a system that allows us to be good wives, present parents and successful career women all while maintaining other responsibilities like our own self-care and close friendships.

Can you share a defining moment in your role as a Licensed Therapist and Empowerment Coach?

I would say it was the moment I quit letting people put me in a box, saying what I should and should not do and started to trust my own instinct. Knowing that I belonged to God and that He would guide and direct and shift and show me as I went along the way, even when I made mistakes was entirely freeing.

Where can we find more information about your services, upcoming events and important announcements?

People can connect with me via my:

FB Pages-MrsCharm Lewis, Mrs. Charm Lewis, LCSW-C, Soul Successful Sisterhood

Instagram: mrs_charmlewis

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