Friday Feature: Robin Sample

I am Radically Royal because I am an OVERCOMER!

I am Radically Royal because I have suffered much hurt, loss, abuse and trauma over the course of my life and I'm still here and I'm still standing! I am currently suffering with COVID-19 and today is day 77 of my battle against this deadly virus and I am still here! I still have a ways to go in my recovery but I am trusting God to bring me out of this better than I was born. So since 9/11/2020, I have been in a physical battle and an emotional battle, simultaneously, and there have been days that the pain was almost unbearable and to be completely transparent, I actually contemplated suicide on a few occasions. But, here I am today, 77 days later, and I am still here, and still standing! Am I healed? Absolutely not, but I am no longer suicidal and I am leaning, trusting and depending on God to see me through this storm just like He's seen me through all of the others. I believe this season is my season of Exodus! Although I'm fighting for my life against a deadly virus, I strongly believe that God used COVID-19 to save my life! The testimony that will be birthed out of this experience is on the horizon. I am truly an Overcomer!

Author Robin M. Sample

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