A Poetry Book on Self Discovery

At first glance, I am often referred to as a mystery. It’s when the intimate moments occur, that I feel comfortable enough to peel off the layers to reveal the thoughts and emotions that are captivated within my heart. The poems that I have written come from the depth of the most intricate part of my soul. The feelings and emotions I’ve experienced from the circumstances of life have molded me and shaped me into the woman that I am blossoming into. The poems reflected in this book are a snapshot of how multifaceted and complex  my thought process is.  


As you read, Who Am I When Everything Is Silent? I want you to be able to view the essence of life’s journey through my lens; recognizing that the encounters I faced were a part of the God given blueprint of my life--intentional and purposeful. I am no longer concealing the greatness that’s within. I am unapologetically loving who I am and whose I am. 



Unlock The Door To Your Identity

Just like that my life quickly changed. I’ve always shied away from being in the public eye. At the age of 16 I was thrown in the “lion’s den." The privacy that my family once had was stripped away. From that moment on every action, every interaction, and every decision was now placed on public display. I vowed that the moment I was able to separate myself from being under the microscope of others, I would guard and protect my privacy with every ounce of who I am. 


So, it’s funny how life works. You see, the person who fought so hard to isolate herself from the crowd and out of the public eye, voluntarily ventures herself to be under the microscope. God’s plan for her life was a lot bigger than the plan that she tried to create for herself. The tragedy she experienced at 16 which placed her under public scrutiny, was the warm up or preparation for what was to come later when she turned 31. Take this journey with me  as I share a glimpse of how my life has changed from being silent to being in a position of public attention. So, sit back and relax while you read Who Am I When I’m Under the Limelight?

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The Power of Unpacking

We all have the power to live the life we are destined for. However, we allow situations, people and often our thoughts to limit our potential and rob us of our purpose. We often justify or make excuses as to why we don’t deserve happiness because of pitfalls from the past. We claim baggage that wasn’t intended for us to carry in the first place. Causing a barrier between where we currently are to where God wants to take us. The very core of who we are starts with our thoughts. Take ownership of what you allow yourself to respond to. Search within as to why you consume the names that shaped your self-made identity. While turning the pages, you will witness various moments throughout my personal journey of how I had to overshadow thoughts of captivity with a winning mindset. Will you join me on the journey to live unapologetically and be your authentic self?